Brand24, LLC

Brand24, LLC is a visual solutions agency. Your brand's image is essential to sales and profitability. It needs to be created, nurtured and managed. Your brand needs to thrive in pixels and ink. Your message has to be strategically spot on. And it has to do this while stopping your customers from clicking, turning, averting and ignoring. Compelling visual solutions will accomplish this.

John Clapps

John Started B24 in 1997 as a modern digital first visual agency. The digital world was changing at break-neck speeds back then and it hasn't slowed down.

John Clapps is a cross-platform creative director/interactive director

John is an early adopter. His tech passion, combined with talents in design and art direction make John a unique and valuable marketing professional.

His roles have included a high-level interactive post at a major media company, advertising agency founder (twice) and big-agency art director. He is as familiar with the intricacies of Web development as he is with traditional media. He knows what makes a brand successful, what makes an agency profitable and what makes clients comfortable.

John's specialties are: Dynamic Visual Solutions, Design, Corporate Identity, Logo Creation, CMS structure and design, Animation, Compelling Creative Work, Visual Content

Digital: Site Design & Construction, UI/UX, HTML5 Animation, CMS design and construction, Mapping, Prototyping

Advertising: Television/Video Commercials, Creative Direction, Strategic Marketing, Print Ads, Banner Campaigns, Rich Media Design

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